CrazyArchery Customer Reviews

“Fantastic Bow Mount!
I bought this mount after trying other bow mounts and needless to say this one is worth every penny. I have videoed many great shots, even though I may not be a great shot, that made my friends go “WOW!” I have put CrazyArchery’s C Clamp Smartphone Bow Mount through many tests and it has passed them all! What I love is that it is universal! It works with any type of smartphone, and any case I put on my smartphone. It attached with ease and made my bow look 10 times sharper. If you want a bow mount this is the one to go with. CrazyArchery’s C Clamp Smartphone bow mount is the only mount for me.

Pros: Very Durable, Sleek Design, UNIVERSAL, works with all cases, low cost, very easy setup

Cons: None”

-Review by Patrick Yarbrough on March 19, 2014

“This thing is awesome. Good thinking
This thing is awesome. Good thinking. Now I can record the whole thing with my Note 3. Watch out Bambi.”

-Review By By Donni Saracino on August 17, 2014

“got this for my boyfriend’s little brother, he loves …
got this for my boyfriend’s little brother, he loves it and uses it for hunting and target shooting, it helps him with his shooting and improving some minor things with his form since he is a competition shooter.”

-Review By chivette on October 21, 2014

“Excellent, Light, and works great.
The phone mounts very nicely. It’s easily readable and viewable with the bow at full draw. There is some vibration visible in the viewer at the time of string release, however, that is the responsibility of the bow itself and not the mount. The iPhone 5s I use picks up the twang of the string.The key point is to not be in a hurry to drop the bow and see what happened. Doing so will insure your impact and the video contain all you want.”

-Review By Scott on November 16, 2014


Works great for my Samsung Galaxy S5 with an Otter Box. The foreword balance of my bow did not noticeably change. Not to many moving parts and simple design. With the phone in front of my hand, I can operate the phone from sleep mode to video recording with one finger and no detectable movement by the deer!”

-Review By Steve Bigelow on November 26, 2014

“Solid, Quality Product
This is a very solid product. It can hold a lot of different phones and it doesn’t shake like some of the other similar phone mounts.”

-Review By Megan on January 12, 2015